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Roos Vink (1994) is an artist and illustrator based in Groningen, Holland. She was raised next to a fairy-like forest in the north of Holland, Emmen. From 2012 to 2016 she studied illustration at the art academy Minerva, Groningen.

Within her paintings she wants to examine and shape the innerworld of human beings in a symbolic, surrealistic and alienated way. Mostly abstracted female figures, in a variety of colours and shapes, constitute the starting point of the works, functioning as some kind of self-portraits.

‘To me making art is discovering and staying curious, both contentwise as for its looks. I love the endless amount of possibilities, but also making clear choices within a work. I also consider art as a chance to show reality in a fresh, clear and unexpected way.’

When it comes to illustration Roos wants to communicate her own and especially your message in an aesthetic, eye-catching and clear way. A message is important and has to be seen and understood by people, so it deserves a strong image.

Besides art and illustration she is fascinated by the world of words and making music. It’s also a playground in which the innerworld can be expressed. Hopefully these fascinations will also lead to creations in the future.

'My art (in all its forms) is created from within, with my intention, but it lives on in your interpretation and meaning.'

Kunstspot / 2019

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