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(2022) Mural at apartment building 'De Brugwachter' by housing corporation Lefier

(2022) Mural at Teufelsberg, Berlin

(2022) Mural at Fit Factory Borgerswold, Veendam

mijn werk.jpg

(2021) In the context of the Frida Kahlo exhibition in the Drents Museum, Assen, I made this 8m high mural. I chose my work 'shadowplay' as base and gave it a Frida touch. This work is about the light and shadow side of life and within, which is also depicted by Frida a lot. Next to my work fellow artist Michel Velt also made a big mural in the context of the exhibition. (Michel's website)

In this video we explain a bit more about our works (in Dutch).

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